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Testing the OOP Part II

Well that didn’t take long [serps]

Google Reader Indexes Really Fast

I’m not sure if it’s some synergy between google reader and feedburner but damn google reader is picking up new posts in like 10 minutes, that totally rocks! I still get the dupe thing occasionally, but latency was one of my primary concerns when I switched, and now it’s a total non issue.

Short Videos, Long Videos, and Don’t Take Everything So Literally

Many moons ago I wrote about how short videos are better than long ones, and I took lumps in the comments because I didn’t do a good job explaining myself and some readers took me far to literally. However I came across a video last week that allows me to explain myself a little better.

Having Fun with Anchor Text Part II

Let’s have some fun with anchor text part II monstigaligation click here click here monstigaligation

Graywolf’s SEO Blog Sponsor –

I’d like to announce a new sponsor here on my blog