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SMX Advanced Interview

So while I was at SMX Advanced I did an interview with Virginia Nussey of Bruce Clay for webmaster radio you can listen to it in the SEM Synergy Archives. It’s short only about 8 minutes, or so the second half of the show has Derrick Wheeler of Microsoft talking about how he helps SEO’s. Hope to have a my … [Continue reading SMX Advanced Interview]

Google Doubling up On YouTube in Universal Search

interesting oh and BTW can I mention what complete PIA it is to have celebrities muddying up SERP 🙂

A Picture Creates a 1000 words

Not exactly sure how I managed to use video to make an issue more complicated, but my post on how to optimize for youtube thumbnails actually did, so go figure.

Why You Should Listen to the GoodKarma on WebmasterRadio

Ok so I can get a hold Greg Niland almost anytime I want to. I can email him or give him a call, heck I had lunch with him and Rae on Saturday and am going to an Internet Marketers of New York dinner meeting with him tonight, so why the heck would I download and listen to his podcast … [Continue reading Why You Should Listen to the GoodKarma on WebmasterRadio]