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Google Personalized Search – Don’t Become a Google Traffic Addict

Recently I was doing a bit of research on personalized search for two different projects (I love a bit of convergence) and I had a revelation, with Google’s personalized search they are creating traffic addicts for their own self interests.

Is This the 11th Hour for Thin Affiliate Sites

While some people realized affiliate marketing has has slowly been changing for some time now many others missed the memo, or are on are sailing a ship of blissful ignorance up a famous river in Africa. For those few people I hope the announcement of Google Knols last week serves as a wakeup call.

Jeremy Schoemaker – Local Search Interview

Today we’re talking with Jeremy Schoemaker aka Shoemoneyâ„¢, about local search.

Matt Cutts Calls me a Kitten

It’s barely audible but Matt Cutts calls me a kitten

The Sandbox is not the Trustbox

So I was trying to explain something to someone earlier today and had one of those zen moments of clarity …

How to Practice Kamikaze SEO

One of the key aspects of any SEO strategy is knowing the risks of the tactics you use. As those tactics approach or break Google’s guidelines the more likely they to get you penalized or banned. Knowing where you are on the risk scale helps you know when it is imperative that you take precautions and try to create a … [Continue reading How to Practice Kamikaze SEO]

More Paid Links Double Talk

Hey Matt if you said this: Users don’t want to see results sorted by who has the biggest pocketbook. Then why does adwords have premium placement above organic SERP’s? full forbes article

Competing for Attention or You’ll Never be Paris Hilton if You Aren’t Good Looking, Rich and Famous

Recently I was reading a book that a friend sent me (thanks Greg) and although it has absolutely nothing to do with the internet or marketing, it grabbed an open piece of mental Velcro.

How Amazon Turned a Mobile Phone into a Cash Register

While there were numerous reports of Amazon being one of the few retailers who were positive this holiday season. One of the things that was didn’t receive a tremendous amount of press was the release of Amazon’s iPhone application. This program harnessed the power of the mobile platform, turning a mobile phone into a portable cash register, allowing customers to … [Continue reading How Amazon Turned a Mobile Phone into a Cash Register]

Google Beats Disney

I demand a recount of the hanging chads or something, because according to a recent press release Google is the most desireable place to work for undergraduates just beating out Disney … ACK!!! Say it ain’t so Mickey … Say it ain’t so …