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It’s Not Just SEO’s who Have Issues with the Wiki

Think it’s just whiney SEO’s who have issues with accuracy on the wiki? Not so my friend, for example Morgan Webb of Webb Alert has a problem with people who keep editing her wiki profile and perpetuating the inaccuracy that she was born in Canada. Again a resource who’s standard is citability not truth should not be trusted, by you … [Continue reading It’s Not Just SEO’s who Have Issues with the Wiki]

Deep Crawling a New Mini Site

Recently I launched two new mini sites and discovered something along the way.

Newsletters and Community Building

Having been involved in internet marketing for more than a few years, it’s interesting to see ideas fall out of favor only to come back in fashion, specifically email newsletters and true community building.

Merrick Lozano – Local Search interview

Today we’re talking with Merrick Lozano of

SEO – Something I Learned Today

Today I learned the SEO not only stands for Search Engine Optimization, but it also stands for Sewage Enforcement Officers . All I can say is good luck ever trying to rank for that …

Let’s Talk About Reviews

All right since I’ve gotten some feedback on reviews I’d like to open the subject up for more discussion. If one of my friends friends come out with a tool, piece of software, or something else and asks me to mention it, I’ll go take a look and is long as it’s not a piece of crap or I think … [Continue reading Let’s Talk About Reviews]

Google Documents Folders Bug

Not really sure what’s the best/most efficient way to get this info to the right person so I’m totally going to link and hope I show up in Matt or Adams ego surfing. In the new google documents UI if you have a lot of folders/tags (they changed tags to folders) the bottom one’s drop off the screen and you … [Continue reading Google Documents Folders Bug]

DaveR Twitter and the Disney Job I’ll Never Get

So I’m cruising through twitter this AM and I get a message from DaveR about a job he thinks he’s found for me. Now my first thought was Dave sent me a link to the Disney Chief Magic Officer job, which is very cool, but more of a ceremonial position more than anything else. However what he actually sent was … [Continue reading DaveR Twitter and the Disney Job I’ll Never Get]

How Small Bloggers Can Affect Big Companies

Earlier this week I blogged about how the company running the “the algorithm killed jeeves” campaign dropped the ball by not having done some predictive SEO and PPC. It appears somebody got my message and things have changed.

Google Doubling up On YouTube in Universal Search

interesting oh and BTW can I mention what complete PIA it is to have celebrities muddying up SERP 🙂

Did Matt Cutts Expose a Hole in Digg

Last week Matt Cutts made a post about how to connect your Linux computer to a Wii balance board using Bluetooth. This post happened to make the Digg homepage, however what was really interesting is the way he did it, which has exposed an exploitable hole in Digg.

Sitelinks – Now That’s Interesting

Oh apostrophe you give and then you take away (and suggest)

More Paid Links Double Talk

Hey Matt if you said this: Users don’t want to see results sorted by who has the biggest pocketbook. Then why does adwords have premium placement above organic SERP’s? full forbes article