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Google Sitemaps and Site Migration

Recently I’ve been laying the groundwork for some future SEO projects doing some site migrations onto content management systems, showing search spiders friendlier content, and cleaning up some URL structures. I’ve been using Google Sitemaps to help keep track of how the projects are progressing.

How I Handle Backups and Disaster Recovery

After reading about Lisa Barone’s laptop being stolen, I got into a bit of a discussion about how I use cloud computing for part of my backup and disaster recovery plan. Since a few people started asking details I think this post might be useful.

Short Term Content Versus Evergreen Content

I’ve got a confession to make. I used to be a short term traffic junkie. I ran other websites where I’d get up early in the morning or stay up late into the night, blogging about the news in that space. And no it wasn’t SEO related subject matter. But I learned something on the way–short term content can be … [Continue reading Short Term Content Versus Evergreen Content]

The Art of Title Bait

So now that everybody is talking about linkbait. I think it’s important to consider one of the important qualities of good linkbait, otherwise known as Title Bait.

What Time of Day do You Post to Your Blog?

So I’ve got an idea in my head, that’s entering the “hey I might actually do this one” and of my biggest questions is when do I schedule my posts to go live?

Going Viral to Build Defensible Traffic

Late last year Darren Rowse on Problogger had a post about How to Build a ‘Digg Culture’ on your Blog. The post discuses how going viral can increase your reader/subscribers over time which build in long term defensible traffic. The graphs he used were hypothetical but accurate. Last week I created the situation so thought I’d show you some real … [Continue reading Going Viral to Build Defensible Traffic]

Whatif Google were Evil

Go read What if Google were Evil now!!! No really go read it the whole thing, really it’s worth it.

SEO for Product Reviews, Part II

In SEO for Product Reviews, Part I we talked about how ignoring or not addressing “keyword review” or “keyword reviews” leaves your company or product in a vulnerable position. However since I’m trying to be more positive in this post I’d like to talk about some SEO strategies for reviews.

Is Matt Cutts Pulling the “I Did You a Favor” Card

C’mon Matt you either do things because they are the right thing to do or don’t do them at all, I don’t think you want to get into the Google’s did you a favor, now stop bad mouthing us card at all. Bringing up stuff like this just makes people question your motivation … Why get into a back-and-forth? It … [Continue reading Is Matt Cutts Pulling the “I Did You a Favor” Card]

Evel Knievel and Social Media Promotion

As a young American boy growing up in the 70’s Evel Knievel was one of my role models. Aside from being a daredevil Evel possessed a strong understanding of marketing and engaged in a level of shameless self promotion that would have made PT Barnum proud.

SEO Plugins for WordPress Part II

Ever since my initial SEO plugins for wordpress post almost two years ago, I get asked for an updated list a few times a month. Well since we’re up to wordpress 2.5 I thought the time has come. I’ll also put some of my other favorite plugins at the end, they either enhance wordpress features or just make things easier.

Merchant Circle Has Reputation Management Issue

So after reading Rae’s review of Merchant Circle, I headed on over and checked out the SERP for Merchant Circle and what I saw wasn’t pretty …

How to Handle Pagination

Today’s post is an answer to a question from Don: How to best handle pagantion, use the same description meta tags? Use the same title tags just add page 2

The Sandbox is not the Trustbox

So I was trying to explain something to someone earlier today and had one of those zen moments of clarity …

Why Should You Experiment With New Things

Changes with Google SERPS give some interesting results make wordpress search engine friendly any questions …

Google Trends

I like the new Google trends feature but does anybody really believe [esoteric] is a “hot search term” for May 22 2007? Like really … a hot 20 search term … c’mon. Hey Google would it really have been that hard to make it RSS so I wouldn’t have to scrape it it …

Hey Matt Cutts Be Fair if You Are Going After Paid Links

Really I wasn’t going to post this but since Matt Cutt’s asked people to snitch on paid links again I thought I’d bring up another case of Google’s double standard and two tiered justice.

The SEO Community – A Tale of Friends and Scorpions

This is a post that may anger you and piss you off, but hopefully it makes you think a little. But I think a lot of the people in the SEO community are short sighted and are willing to sacrifice themselves and the community as whole if they see the chance to get a link or exposure. Much like the … [Continue reading The SEO Community – A Tale of Friends and Scorpions]