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Adwords Quality Score – Why It Won’t Roll Back

I’ll admit that when I first saw the new adwords quality score I thought they were crazy, they’ll have to roll this thing back, and was not alone in this belief. However after poking ad proding the beast a little I say it’s here to stay.

Why I’m Looking Forward to a Google Operating System

As I’m fairly well known for my distrust and criticism of all things Google, so it probably comes as something of a surprise that I’m REALLY looking forward to a Google Operating System … allow me to explain …

How to Practice Kamikaze SEO

One of the key aspects of any SEO strategy is knowing the risks of the tactics you use. As those tactics approach or break Google’s guidelines the more likely they to get you penalized or banned. Knowing where you are on the risk scale helps you know when it is imperative that you take precautions and try to create a … [Continue reading How to Practice Kamikaze SEO]

Gmail and LinkedIn Can’t We All Just Get Along

You know it would really be nifty if Google, Gmail, Google Apps, and Gmail for domains were able to merge/sync contact data with LinkedIn really easily. It would be super nifty if there was a nice automagic script that did the hard stuff for you (you know the way computers are supposed to). It would be even better if I … [Continue reading Gmail and LinkedIn Can’t We All Just Get Along]

Jeremy Schoemaker – Local Search Interview

Today we’re talking with Jeremy Schoemaker aka Shoemoneyâ„¢, about local search.

Google Guide to SEO – Are Social Media Links on Death Row?

I was reading Google’s guide to SEO (pdf) , and it’s actually pretty good from a website or business owner perspective. However here’s a quote I found interesting, this is something they recommend NOT to do on social media websites: involving your site in schemes where your content is artificially promoted to the top of these services. For a long … [Continue reading Google Guide to SEO – Are Social Media Links on Death Row?]

SEO Experiment

Let’s see who was paying attention to Jedi Master Rand Fishkin this week and can figure out why I posted about Danika Patrick.

Social Media Advertising

Bill Flitter, Pheedo Marc Schiller, ElectronicArtists Nicole Bogas, BlogAds

SMX Advanced 2009 Wrap Up

Last week I attended SMX Advanced in Seattle and thought I’d share my thoughts about it.

Talking Social Media With Loren Feldman of 1938 Media

I had the pleasure of hanging with Loren Feldman of 1938 Media about 2 weeks ago, here’s the first of three interviews Oh and if you aren’t already subscribed to the 1938 Media email list I’d recommend getting on it …

Developers VS Users

Anyone who’s been involved in web development for any length of time has likely encountered the Developers VS Users situation. It’s a mistake that can often lead to expensive problems down the road. So what exactly is the problem? And how can you spot it–and solve it–before it derails you project and causes you to make a costly mistake? Here’s … [Continue reading Developers VS Users]

SES San Jose Interview with Bryan Eisenberg and Lee Odden

I was chatting with Lee Odden and Bryan Eisenberg yesterday in the speaker ready room. Lee pulled out his video camera for bit of an impromtu on the spot video interview.

What Happens When You Don’t Set up Your Feed Correctly

you get stuff like this

Graywolf’s SEO Blog Sponsor –

I’d like to announce a new sponsor here on my blog

Personalized Search Looking at Weblogs

So I’m looking through my stats in log programs and I’m seeing strange things. Hundreds and in one case nearly a thousand people coming from keywords that I can’t place anywhere in SERP’s. I’ve tried the MCDar data center tool and still not finding anything. I’m still looking but at this point, but my most likely candidate is personalized search. … [Continue reading Personalized Search Looking at Weblogs]

Google Beats Disney

I demand a recount of the hanging chads or something, because according to a recent press release Google is the most desireable place to work for undergraduates just beating out Disney … ACK!!! Say it ain’t so Mickey … Say it ain’t so …

How To Shoot Yourself in The Foot With Bad Plan and a Bad CMS Implementation

One of the biggest mistakes really large publishers make today is doing SEO like it’s 1999. They throw up hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of pages, with the belief that more is better. This has grown exponentially with web 2.0 and blogging apps and cross-tagging, listing and publishing content in multiple spots. Here’s an example that’s pretty typical of a … [Continue reading How To Shoot Yourself in The Foot With Bad Plan and a Bad CMS Implementation]